Meeting Traffic.

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Meeting Traffic.

Meeting traffic on your driving lessons in Bristol can be very challenging and sometimes quite stressful. Here at A&M we understand that meeting traffic on the Bristol streets is tough, so on your driving lessons our fully qualified driving instructors will guide you through the procedure as safely as possible. You are probably wondering what meeting traffic is? Well on your driving lessons in Bristol you will learn more but here in this short blog we will set out the basics for anyone who wishes to learn more or just brush up on their skills!

Meeting Traffic

Meeting other traffic generally occurs when the road that you are driving on has become smaller in width. 3 common places for this to happen would be either when you have parked cars on one side or the other, when there is road works on one side of the road or the other, or when you come across a traffic calming situation. (Traffic Calming is when the road has been narrowed by way of an extended pavement or bollards, in which there will be signs or road markings saying which flow of traffic has over riding priority at that point)

When you realise that you are going to encounter a meeting traffic situation then the first thing to do is to try to establish who has priority. On your driving lessons your driving instructor will guide you through the ins and outs, but in simple language the person who has the clear bit of road generally will have more priority. (Please remember that priority can only be given never taken so always be prepared to stop if the other person isn't going to stop!)

So if you do NOT have priority you will need to time your arrival to fit with the flow of the oncoming traffic, as you have more driving lessons then this becomes much easier. When you first start off this is quite a tricky task, so please don't be in a rush - most of the time it is better to attack this subject at a much reduced speed to give you a better chance of timing it correctly. Fitting with the flow of traffic may just require you to ease off the gas pedal, or it may require you to brake and reduce your gears. Please remember your driving instructor will guide you through this when you first start your driving lessons.


When stopping for oncoming vehicles you should try to adopt a sensible road position that will allow the oncoming traffic easily through but also make your life easy when moving off and allowing others that are following you to know what you plan to do. We like to call this the Holdback Position. To describe this position, its slightly angled out to the the middle of the road with approximately 2 car lengths between you and the first parked car. Once stopped you should apply the handbrake and select first gear, therefore enabling you to go at the first possible opportunity. When you move off after waiting for the oncoming traffic you should do a full check around to ensure that nothing is trying to overtake you before you move off.

When Nobody Has Priority

This generally happens when the road has obstructions on both sides of the road therefore meaning that nobody will have priority! This too can be quite an awkward thing to encounter on your driving lessons when you first start off. The best way to think about dealing with this is to look for gaps and spaces to move into. If you feel that you can move to a suitable space in good time then that is what you should do. Please remember to not be aggressive when doing this as you may misjudge it and end up in a sticky situation, so always air on the side of caution.

This Blog is a brief explanation of how you can overcome meeting traffic on your driving lessons in Bristol. If you feel that you have learn't something or enjoyed the blog then please do us a favor and share it with your friends and colleagues...we really don't mind, in fact we would love you to share share share!