The following tables gives you our prices for quality driving lessons in Bristol and the surrounding areas. As you can clearly see we are one of the most competitive in Bristol. We only offer fully qualified driving instructors not like some of the bigger driving schools in Bristol.

Standard - £25.00 Per Hour
Students - £24.00 Per Hour
10 hours (Standard Pre paid) - £235
Automatic Driving Lessons
Standard - £28 Per Hour
10 Hours (Pre paid) - £270
Please note that the 5 hours for £100 intro deal does not apply to automatic driving lessons. The offer is also only available for (manual vehicles) new starters with little or no experience

Intensive Driving Course Prices:
Our intensive driving course prices exclude the theory and practical test fees. We are able to book these for you if you want, just let us know. Please note the following prices are for manual cars only.

15 Hour Driving Course - £352.50
20 Hour Driving Course - £470.00
25 Hour Driving Course - £587.50
30 Hour Driving Course - £705.00
35 Hour Driving Course - £822.50
40 Hour Driving Course - £940.00
45 Hour Driving Course - £1057.50
Please call us to book your Intensive Driving Course.

Pass Plus:
Pass Plus is a six hour long course where there is NO test. This driving course will not only give you extra confidence on the road but it will also give you up to a 30% reduction on your car insurance.

Course Cost
Pass plus course £160.00
Two hour motorway driving lesson £52.00