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Well Done to Kyle Box From Keynsham Bristol

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Well Done to Kyle Box From Keynsham Bristol

Driving lessons Keynsham Bristol - Driving Test Success.

We would like to send out a massive well done to Mr Kyle Box from Keynsham Bristol. Kyle managed to pass his driving test from Brislington Bristol with only 2 driving faults!

After failing one driving test, which was debatable, he rolled up for today in confident fashion. Driving the route like a professional, even though he had a partial nose bleed as the examiner asked him to sign the form. Maybe that was just nerves!

As Kyle has already got a VW Golf ready and waiting for him now at home, this set of shiny wheels will make getting to work a lot easier, now that he will get promoted to chef in a new restaurant in Longwell Green Bristol.

All the best for the future.