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Driving Lessons Keynsham, Bristol

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Driving lessons Keynsham Bristol - Driving Test Success.

We would like to send out a massive well done to Mr Kyle Box from Keynsham Bristol. Kyle managed to pass his driving test from Brislington Bristol with only 2 driving faults!

After failing one driving test, which was debatable, he rolled up for today in confident fashion. Driving the route like a professional, even though he had a partial nose bleed as the examiner asked him to sign the form. Maybe that was just nerves!

As Kyle has already got a VW Golf ready and waiting for him now at home this set of shiny wheels will make getting to work a lot easier, now that he will get promoted to chef in a… view more »

Meeting Traffic.

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Meeting traffic on your driving lessons in Bristol can be very challenging and sometimes quite stressful. Here at A&M we understand that meeting traffic on the Bristol streets is tough, so on your driving lessons our fully qualified driving instructors will guide you through the procedure as safely as possible. You are probably wondering what meeting traffic is? Well on your driving lessons in Bristol you will learn more but here in this short blog we will set out the basics for anyone who wishes to learn more or just brush up on their skills!

Meeting Traffic

Meeting other traffic generally occurs when the road that you are driving on has become smaller in width. 3 common places for this… view more »

Driving Lessons Bristol

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

We would all like to wish Kev Reeves from Barton Hill a huge well done for passing his driving test first time from Brislington driving test centre with just 2 minor driving faults. After taking driving lessons with your driving instructor - Dale in the Citroen DS3, we think that having your full driving licence with really make yours and your girlfriends job a lot easier now that we know you are expecting your first child in about 1 months time.We can offer fully qualified driving instructors to enable you to have the best chance of passing your driving test the first time around!! Why would you want to take the risk and go elsewhere? We have a great pass… view more »

Brislington Driving Test Centre - Good or Bad?

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Brislington Driving Test Centre in Bristol has potentially got a bad reputation for being a tough place to take your driving test!

Is it really a bad place to take your driving test?

Here at A&M School of Motoring we believe that the Brislington Driving Test Centre is no harder or no easier than any other test centre in the Bristol area.

What are the main reasons for failing in Brislington we hear you cry! Below is just a taster of why you might fail your driving test from this test centre;

1) Not observing correctly when leaving the test centre - remember to look right, left and then right again when leaving the centre.

2) Not staying to the left when going ahead… view more »

A Happy Customer

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

"I had been very nervous of driving for many years and did not want to get behind the wheel of a car. Eventually I got the courage and called Matt, who then put me in contact with Simon. From day one SImon took me slowly and calmly through the basics and within no time at all I was driving around the dreaded Hicks Gate roundabout with ease. I can not recommend these guys highly enough, Simon's calm and laid back manner made me feel safe and eventually confident behind the wheel. I passed first time which was fantastic but I will miss the great banter and laughs with SImon driving around Bristol, thanks". Mike Canning view more »

Driving Test Success

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

A big Well done goes out to Alice Wojcik from Clifton. She managed to pass her driving test on the second attempt. After taking an intensive driving course in February and then going travelling she came back in September for a second bite of the apple! I'm sure living in London when you go to Uni you won't need a car but it's a skill for life that will come in very handy! We wish you all the best for the future.

If you are looking to learn to drive or are in the process then why don't you practice your theory test at our theory practice page view more »

Our New Driving Instructor

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Welcome to Shaun our newest driving instructor.

Shaun lives in South Wales and is able to give driving lessons in North Bristol, West Bristol and even south Bristol.

He has been a driving instructor for over 10 years now. He originally worked for a big national driving school but decided recently to work for a smaller friendly driving school.

Shaun drives a nippy little Vauxhall Corsa, which is perfect for learning to drive in. It is a petrol car so if you are already learning in a Corsa then this is the perfect car for you.

Shaun is able to give driving lessons in Bristol and South Wales 7 days a week so even if you are looking for driving lessons on… view more »

Self Driving Car!

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Self driving cars!!! Whatever next!?

Im sure you have all seen the news about the new invention of self driving cars. But how the heck do they work?

Well im sure its a lot of computers and technology and gadgets, but the real question is, do you really want one and furthermore - Do you trust them to take you safely from one place to the next with out crashing into your neighbours fence.

Google Self-Driving car is a project by Google to produce fully automated vehicles. 15 Google engineers have been working on the project where legislation in 4 states of America have allowed driver less vehicles on the public highway.

On May 28, 2014, Google presented a new prototype of their… view more »

Driving Instructors Bath

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

How to choose a good driving Instructor in Bath?

Have you sometimes thought to yourself how the heck am I going to choose a good driving instructor?

Have you ever wondered who to turn to when choosing driving lessons in bath?

Well look no further we have some top tips on what to look for;

1) Your driving instructor should be friendly, polite and punctual?

Why would you settle for less? If your driving instructor is not friendly then can you actually see yourself sitting in a small metal box (a car) for potentially 40-50 hours? If the answer is no then think about choosing another driving instructor. Is your driving instructor polite? If they are not polite to you then why are you… view more »

Car Tax...The In's & Outs

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Once you have taken your driving lessons in Bristol you then must make sure the vehicle you choose to purchase is roadworthy and has something call a road fund licence otherwise know as a tax disc or car tax. This is usually positioned in the bottom left hand side of your front windscreen.

The old way of determining your car tax was by the capacity of your vehicles engine. Now we are going into modern times. Most modern cars now have their tax calculated by the amount of CO2 they produce. Lower the CO2 production equals lower the amount of car tax you will have to pay!

Car tax is banded from A-M, with A being the lowest paying… view more »

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