Amazing - I Passed
My driving instructor Simon was brilliant! Coming to driving later in life, Simon was patient, really knowledgeable about routes and tricky spots and always put me at ease with funny stories and jokes. I had a lot of stuff on at the same time as learning to drive (going back to study, moving house, changing jobs) and Simon made what could have been a stressful part of life fun and enjoyable. I'd recommend him to anyone! Camilla Rooney 13/02/2018

Cheers a Million
I can't recommend Simon enough for learning to drive, especially if you've not had a great experience before or are nervous of driving. His calm and clear instruction makes for a great learning experience and before you know it you are driving naturally and with confidence. I really enjoyed my lessons and can't thank him enough for getting me through my test. If you've put off learning for years or are fresh to driving, Simon's your man! Debbie Alardice 31/01/2018

Thanks Andy
Thanks to my driving instructor Andy's tuition, I recently passed with only two minors! I highly recommend him as a driving instructor. Andy was highly reliable and always on time. I was able to reserve regular lesson slots in advance to ensure they could fit around my work schedule and other commitments. Driving did not come naturally to me and I was a bit of a slow learner but Andy was very patient and encouraging. He explained everything in an extremely clear way, verbally and with diagrams/pictures. He had spot on methods for easy completion of manoeuvres every time. He offered great guidance on how to perfect driving round all the test route areas. We recorded videos of how to successfully do particular areas of driving I was having difficulty getting to grips with that I could watch in my free time and perfect in lessons. Closer to my test we did plenty of mock tests which prepared me for driving under pressure and highlighted areas in need of improvement which we then worked on. His car was also well maintained and easy to learn to drive with. His teaching not only gave me the requisite self-confidence in my driving abilities to not only pass the test near-perfectly, but to feel safe on the roads. I cannot thank him enough! Robert Rees 21/10/2017

Passed my test today after 42 hours of lessons with Simon. After never having had any desire to drive previously, I decided to cross another life skill off the list in January at the grand age of 32 and couldn't have asked for a better learning experience. Simon is such a relaxed and easy going instructor, was always able to work around my days off from work, super reliable and I'm going to miss listening to the funny stories of all his adventures and exploits! My days off aren't going to be the same anymore. Andrew Jenkinson 15/10/2017

I got very lucky with my driving instructor, Chris. He's very professional. I felt comfortable, safe and appropriately challenged during his lessons. He teaches you advanced skills right from the start, no corners are cut and he really ensures you are utterly prepared for the driving test. My drivin lessons always started on time, I was picked up and dropped of wherever suited me. I passed first time with very few minors, a simple hesitation error on the roundabout so nothing dangerous! As I understand Chris has one of the highest pass rates around. Also, other schools are more expensive with a lower standard of teachers. Bex G 14/08/2017

Passed My Test
As a late starter to the whole driving lark, I was more than a little apprehensive about being let loose on the roads. Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks. Under Chris's expert tutelage, I passed my test last week and can't wait to to get back out on the road again. Without doubt, Chris is an excellent all round driving instructor. He is punctual, attentive, encouraging and patient. His pass rate is outstanding and it shows. I would recommend him without hesitation. Chris Bevan 05/08/2017

Thanks Simon
After having lessons for years with different instructors I'd pretty much given up on driving and didn't enjoy it at all until I did some lessons with A&M. I had Simon who is amazing at his job, makes you feel so comfortable and a really good teacher. I just passed with 3 minors and feel confident which I never thought I would, so if you're learning to drive don't bother looking elsewhere, can't recommend A&M enough. Thank you Simon! Bethany Hodges 03/08/2017

Great Driving School
Simon driving instructor, Great guy would highly recommend. Always patient and would never dwell on any mistakes. Funny guy, would highly recommend. James Macreath 29/07/2017

Thank You
Having initially not expressed an interest in driving, I recently decided to give it a go. Simon was a great driving instructor! He explained things very clearly, was calm and relaxed (and also very funny), and helped me to pass my test first time. It was a brilliant experience. Thank you! Dylan Thomas 22/07/2017

Passed my driving test last Monday! I've been taking lessons with Andy on and off for the past year and a half. I initially started learning to drive in Belgium where I used to live but wasn't able to get my license before moving to Bristol. I was incredibly nervous about starting to drive on the other side of the road, but Andy took it slow and allowed to take my time to become more comfortable with it and we eventually got my confidence up. I've also struggled with health issues and have had to take several breaks from driving lessons, but Andy was always happy to start up again after a hiatus and would go over anything I had forgotten. We worked a lot on my nerves and confidence as that was a huge hurdle for me and with Andy's help I've become a much more calm and confident driver. I would recommend this driving school and Andy in particular to anyone looking to learn to drive in Bristol! Elise 14/06/2017

Chris is a professional, thorough and excellent driving instructor. Immediately, I was impressed with how systematic Chris was in teaching me driving skills, taking care to ensure nothing was missed. Not only this but Chris was accommodating and fit in driving lessons to suit my schedule where possible. I was previously with another instructor and didn't realise what good looked like until I changed. Chris's focus on becoming a safe, confident and competent driver is poles apart from my previous experience of just doing enough to pass a test! I passed first time and could not be more pleased! More importantly I feel confident in driving independently thanks to Chris. I couldn't recommend him more highly. Thank you Chris!"Varinder 07/03/2017

20 Years Later!
Having not driven since passing my test 20 years ago I decided to have refresher lessons. Thanks to chris I bought a car and was on the road after about 8 lessons. My first lesson was terrible but chris quickly helped me to gain the confidence and skills needed to become a good driver. Chris is a fantastic driving instructor and is great company. I can't recommend him enough. Natasha Ezekiel Bristol 04/03/2017

Refresher Lessons
Having already passed my driving test some years back, I was looking for some refresher lessons to get some confidence back on the roads. Chris done exactly that. The best driving instructor i've used, very friendly and patient, explaining everything clearly too. No hesitiation in recommending him.Richard Plenty 26/02/2017

Passed my driving test today with 4 minors all thanks to Andy! Would 100% recommend to a friend.Khalil K 15/02/2017 Bristol

Thanks Andy!
I started my driving lessons in June 2015 in Coventry with RED Driving School, I was very nervous and it took me a long time to gain the confidence to go onto the busier roads. I took my first practical test in May 2016 and failed, but then went to work abroad for the summer and didn't get a chance to practice any further. Once I returned in November I knew I only had three months to pass my practical test before I flew abroad again for work. I booked my test for late January and the began to search for an instructor to help me recap everything I had forgot over the summer but also to get my driving skills up to scratch to pass my test in such a limited time frame. Most driving schools in the Bath area were fully booked but then I found A&M Driving school online that advertised as Bath as their new location, but when I called they said that their Bath driving instructor only taught automatic. The same day I received a call of Andy from A&M driving school, he taught in a manual car but only in the Bristol area however saw how desperate I was to pass my test in such limited time and made an acceptation for me. For the next six weeks we did two lessons a week, Andy was very flexible with my work timetable to make sure we made the most of the time we had. He made videos, photos and diagrams for me to take home and study to prepare me before every lesson. He was very strict in comparison to my previous instructor and although I was sometimes out of my comfort zone it was exactly what I needed to be able to pass my test. Now I'm fully certified driver and so happy that I had Andy there to help me though it! Opie Cook 05/02/2017 Bath

Great Job!
Chris helped me pass my driving test for the first time in Bristol with only 2 minors! He is very friendly and patient and has transformed me into a confident driver. I always looked forward to my driving lessons, unlike with my previous driving instructors.. Who charged more too! Chris was very reliable and flexible around pick up/drop off locations dependent on my schedule which was really helpful in a busy life. I'd highly recommend him to new drivers or those struggling with current driving instructors. Cheers Chris! Sally Emerson 26/01/2017

Zero Minors!!
Passed my driving test with Chris with zero minor faults and in minimal hours of driving lessons. The examiner said it was a beautiful drive. Chris is the best driving instructor I could of asked for. He is friendly and patient. I always looked forward to my driving lessons. Thanks so much Chris. See you for Pass Plus! Tina Davies 03/01/2017

On The Road
Passed my test yesterday on my first time with Chris. He was a reassuring, methodical and friendly instructor; I would definitely recommend him. Thanks again for all your help. Luke 02/12/2016

Thank You A&M
I passed my driving test 'first time' with Chris after failing it twice previously with instructors who did not take their time and patience to teach me how to enjoy driving and to see it as an 'opportunity to show what an amazing driver' (Chris' own words!!) I was. From day 1 Chris made me feel at ease and help me tackle the concepts of driving I found most stressful - roundabouts, hill starts etc. I'm glad Chris wasn't just an instructor to me, he was also a friend who gave me tremendous comfort, support and confidence when it came to driving! I would definitely recommend him to anyone who's not only willing to pass their test, but also be a good driver, as he has taught me so much!Melissa 01/12/2016

I recently passed my driving test after having had driving lessons for a while, and I have to say that I absolutely don't think I could have done it without the instruction I had from my driving instructor, Andy at A&M. He was patient, his teaching methods clicked with me (which is something I had found lacking in a lot of other driving instructors) and he was very encouraging the whole time. I can't say enough good things about Andy, I've had lessons with other driving instructors who have charged far more and have been far less effective. Thanks again!Dave Cooper 30/11/2016

I Passed!!
I have been learning to drive with Chris for 2-3 months. He is my 3rd driving instructor and definitely the best! He is so friendly and patient. I started as a very nervous driver and he helped me gain the confidence I needed to pass my test. He helped work on the areas I found problematic until I felt comfortable and they were no longer a problem. He also helped work on my nerves and anxiety around driving/test which led me to pass first time with Chris. Thank you so much Chris! Fern Colebrook 04/11/2016

I Came From Paris
Chris is a great driving instructor and a great guy. He doesn't only make you pass, but most importantly helps you to be confident and safe on the road. It is also easy to get used to his car (a diesel BMW Mini Cooper), and pleasant to drive. I came from Paris to train with Chris and was not disappointed. I would recommend Chris to anyone wishing to learn to drive safely.Thibault Poulet 01/10/2016

Thanks Chris
I would definitely recommend this driving school to everyone. My driving instructor was Chris and he is a real credit to A&M! I knew from my first driving lesson with Chris that I had not made a bad decision. I had experience of driving before but was not taught fully. Chris was able to teach me everything I needed to know without patronising me back to basics. He is honestly a brilliant, patient instructor. Not only is he a great instructor but he is a very supportive person who makes you feel at ease and encourages you with positive feedback! I have had a very positive experience with A&M thanks to Chris and passed first time! Katie Oats 19/08/2016

Top Notch
I have been learning to drive with Chris for just over 3 months and it has been a pleasure having him teach me. He is always calm, friendly and willing to help which makes for a great learning experience. Chris was my third driving instructor, and his ability to make you feel at ease and the condition is which he keeps his car is what really set him apart from my previous instructors. The car was always immaculate and was a pleasure to drive. A key point I liked about learning with Chris is he is always pushing you. When we got to the final stage just before my test he was asking me some more advanced questions and occasionally threw in small distractions, which would be expected in everyday life. This is something I really appreciated as it set me up well for solo driving. In the end thanks to Chris and his top notch tuition I passed 1st time with only 2 minors. Joel Beer 15/08/2016

Thank You
My driving instructor was Andy, a very detailed and knowledgeable driving instructor with great teaching skills. I had learnt to drive with several driving instructors over 12 years and thought I would never pass. I took the plunge and decided to get back in and get the test done. Andy quickly got rid of my bad habits and taught me almost from scratch all the best techniques that really broke down the manoeuvres and the general driving to make it easier to digest. A few months later and after a few mock tests I went and took the driving test and passed first time with Andy. What an amazing feeling it was and it was all was down to Andy teaching that got me through. I couldn't recommend A&M school of Motoring and especially Andy for the patience and getting me through the driving test, something I thought would never come. Highly recommended and very professional in every driving lesson we did. Paul White 27/07/2016

Thanks Andy!
I chose Andy on recommendation from my sister who passed with him and found him to be very professional and knowledgeable of the routes and was very patient when explaining manoeuvre's and working through mock test scenarios - helping me to identify my strengths and areas that required improvement, ensuring I was up to the standard required for taking the test to improve my ability to pass. I passed first time with 3 minors and credit this to Andy's teaching skills as an instructor. I would definitely recommend him. Oscar Marr 20/07/2016 Bristol

Thanks Chris
Chris was the only reason I was a first time pass! My original goal was to take my driving test in 8 weeks with roughly 30 hours of driving lessons, Chris managed to get me to where I wanted to be in 6 weeks with just under 25 hours of lessons! Chris has been more than just an excellent driving instructor these past few weeks he has been a friend and that is the most important thing a driving instructor can be. I would recommend A&M school of motoring to anyone, but most importantly I would recommend Chris. Alex Millichamp 29/04/2016 Kingswood Bristol

Thanks Again
I passed my driving test a few days ago, I thought I would write a review regarding my experience with A&M and my personal driving instructor. I highly recommend learning to drive with A&M, especially Andy who taught me all the necessary skills I needed to pass my test. I already had some experience years ago, but Andy was really good at focusing on the modules, starting from the basic and working my way up to a highly skilled driver. During the sessions with Andy, everything was organised and he would tell me clearly, on what we would be doing during the lesson that day. He was also clear and concise when instructing me to perform manoeuvres and driving skills, which led to me passing my driving test with ease, first time. If I made a mistake he would make sure I got it right next time, helping me all the way through it. Andy is laid back, but takes all the driving lessons seriously and he's very easy to talk to, which to be honest I thought made it easy for me to pass my driving test first time. I couldn't recommend highly enough to book driving lesson's with this driving school! Thanks A&M!! Connor H 04/03/2016 Bristol

Intensive Course Success!!
Have to say a massive thank you to Matt from A&M after having a few driving instructors and never getting anywhere I took a chance and did an intensive driving course which I passed and couldn't be happier absolutely worth every penny and made me feel so at ease behind the wheel definitely worth going with them. Jade Talbot 25/01/2016 Peasedown Bath

After failing twice with another school when I was 18, I finally plucked up the courage to give it another go 5 years later. After just a few lessons with Simon I passed straight away. Really calm and funny guy, great at explaining things and made me feel comfortable and at ease every lesson. Jon Green 04/01/2016 Bristol

Would Highly Recommend!
I started Driving lessons two years ago and spent 18 months completely wasting my time with a driving instructor who taught me very little. After two failed driving tests I decided to change instructors and contacted A&M. They were fully booked up at the time so asked me to call back in two weeks. I considered trying somewhere else but as they had such raving reviews I wanted to wait and I'm so glad I did. I met Andy in the summer and he was amazing. He's very friendly and made me feel immediately at ease. We started at the beginning as my previous instructor was so abysmal. He was very thorough and my confidence quickly improved. He was very patient with me. He is an excellent driving instructor and I highly recommend him. I booked my test a few months later but I was extremely nervous due to my previous failed attempts so unfortunately I failed :( but I immediately rebooked and asked my doctor for something for my nerves. We had a few more lessons and I have recently passed on my second attempt with Andy (with only three minors). I couldn't of done it without him and Andy if you're reading this ~ Thank you so much for all your help. Highly recommended. Carla Gregory 21/12/2015 Bristol

Great Driving School
Andy is a brilliant driving instructor. I felt very comfortable around him. He was very patient with me as I was a very nervous driver and slow. He helped a lot by filming roundabouts and maneuvers on my phone so I could watch them back at my own leisure. He showed me diagrams to help with maneuvers and junctions. He had a map of hicks gate roundabout which I took a picture of to study at home. He is very flexible and I would recommend him to any new drivers. Thank you Andy for all your support and for making me feel comfortable whilst going through this learning process. Lisa Jeary Brislington Bristol 17/12/2015

Thanks Again!
I would like to thank my driving instructor Simon for helping me pass my test first time with 2 minors. I started off as a very nervous driver, on the first lesson I didn't even want to move the car! Simon was very patient with me and managed to explain things really clearly, always going over things again if I didn't understand. He helped me to feel fully prepared for the test. Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn. Kate Robbins 01/12/2015 Bristol

Great Driving Instructor
I passed my first ever driving test with just 8 minors, after having a series of lessons with Andy. It was a very structured course and I spent a lot of time driving around and getting used to the feel of a car, as well as learning all the correct elements such as the manoeuvres etc. I was able to cover a lot of the potential routes, as Andy has very good knowledge of them, and if I was ever stuck with something Andy would make sure I was comfortable with it before we moved onto something new. He used a series of photographs to help me understand the different stages of a manoeuvre, different roundabouts and crossroads which enabled me to get it right every time. We did a few mock tests nearer the end, in the build up to my test, which stopped me feeling nervous about the test itself as I felt well prepared, and it enabled me to understand where it was I was going wrong. I would recommend him to other future learner drivers. Danielle Doobay 26/12/2015 Bristol

Fully recommend A&M
I went to A&M to learn to drive and had Simon as my driving instructor. He was very friendly and laid back and put me at my ease, great for nervous drivers. He always knew what I had to work on and always focused on the positive aspects of a lesson rather than the negative. Never felt under pressure with Simon as he let me go at my own pace. I managed to pass with only 2 minors, really pleased with A&M. Would fully recommend. Samuel Robbins 27/12/2015 Bristol

Driving Lessons Bristol
I recently passed my test with only 6 minors and its all thanks to Andy. I was such a nervous driver but Andy helped me stay calm and focused. He has a good knowledge of the test routes and uses a range of methods to help you with passing your test. These included things like; diagrams, video tutorials which were filmed on my phone to refer back to and also photos. As I was such a nervous driver Andy recommended I should buy rescue remedy which helped me relax and stay calm. During learning with Andy we took a lot of mock tests which really helped me prepare for my test and gave me a insight on what it would be like during my test. After each mock test Andy would go through my weaknesses and help me to improve. Overall I would highly recommend Andy to future learners. Laura Longman 25/10/2015 Bristol

Thanks Again
I was a nervous learner, to the extent that being behind the wheel was really quite a stressful experience in the beginning. But after many lessons, thanks to Andy's patient and thorough instruction I recently passed my test with only 3 minors! The range of learning methods he introduced was so helpful (e.g. Diagrams, photos and also video tutorials filmed during the lessons that I then watched at home) and along with a number of mock tests, helped me to feel well prepared and confident in my knowledge of the routes. Thanks Andy!Ruth Barrington 03/10/2015 Bristol

I Have My Licence
When I met Simon I was a nervous and anxious learner, Simon my driving Instructor put me at ease and filled me with confidence. When I had a bad lesson Simon always made me concentrate on the good parts of the lesson which made me leave the lesson still feeling I had achieved. Amazing instructor filled me with confidence and passed first time I cant thank you enough Simon miss you now I have passed :) Rachel Tyler 22/09/2015 Bristol

I Passed
I chose A&M after my partner and a number of friends recommended them. I started with Matt, and later had the wonderful Simon. It took me 5 attempts to pass and over 380 hours of lessons (yes you read that correctly!) but I'm thrilled to have recently passed. Both Matt and Simon were patient, supportive and always made me laugh. I will actually miss them both very much now I've passed! Cheers! Anna Hill 05/09/2015 Totterdown Bristol

Thanks Andy
I chose A&M in order to complete my driving lessons after some online searching and reading their positive feedback, after previously having some negative experiences with other driving schools. My driving instructors name was Andy. Andy helped me through a mixture of diagrams, photos and his excellent knowledge of the routes. He also helped by being patient with me and kept encouraging me to be my best. After many driving lessons and a few mock tests which enabled me to identify my strengths and improve on my weaknesses, I passed my practical driving test with only 3 minors driving faults and this final result means that family days out are a lot easier to plan. I enjoyed the experience and Andy was a brilliant driving instructor who I could talk to easily making the whole experience easier. I would recommend Andy to future learner drivers. Jordan Jones 08/08/2015 Bristol

I Passed!
I recently passed my driving test at Southmead Test Centre with Andy from A&M. I am a very nervous driver and Andy was always calm and patient with me on our lessons and helped me feel at ease behind the wheel. His knowledge of the routes is incredible and he always carries diagrams and photos with him to help you with your learning. Before my test I had several mock tests with him which was very helpful to gain an understanding of what I was doing well and what I needed to improve on. He was always on time to our lessons together and he is very friendly and easy to get along with - I would definitely recommend him to other future learners! Maisie Marr 24/07/2015 Bristol

Thank you Andy!
I was taught by Andy Stone from A&M and couldn't recommend them enough. I wasn't the most confident person behind the wheel but Andy was calm and patient. He was able to build up my confidence as well as my driving skills that I was able to pass my test first time with 3 minors!! Never in a million years did I think that was going to happen! He's very knowledgable about driving, using very useful diagrams also. He knows the test routes very well and does plenty of mock tests with you, which definitely prepares you for the real thing! He also makes sure your up to test standard before you book it so you have more chance of passing 1st time! So, thank you Andy! Joanne Ford Whitchurch, Bristol 10/05/2015

I Passed 1st Time!!
Matt is a great driving instructor. Very good at what he does and taught me everything I needed to know to pass first time. I Would definitely recommend to anyone that wants to learn to drive. Jack Burton from Paulton, Bristol 28/05/2015

Thanks Simon!
I passed first time with A&M!!! Simon my driving instructor was really relaxed and friendly and driving lessons with him were fun but he also taught me everything I needed to know to pass the driving test. Andy Norman from St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol 19/05/2015

Driving Lessons Bradley Stoke
Wow! I passed my driving test on my first attempt. My driving lessons were in a short period of time. I started off being very nervous, but after Matt my driving instructor managed to chill me out I feel much more confident. Roundabout were always my weakness but after some steady tuition from Matt I can pretty much do any. I can't thank A&M enough. Now time to buy a car. Mechele K from Bradley Stoke, Bristol 07/05/2015

Thanks Simon
Simon is a great driving instructor, very patient and really helped to build my confidence. Driving lessons were fun and relaxed! I passed first time! Highly recommended. Jonah from Bristol 16/03/2015

First Time Pass!
I contacted A&M because of their amazing reviews and now I'm writing my own. Matt took me from being very unsure and nervous to a confident, independent driver all in the space of an intensive course. I couldn't recommend Matt's service highly enough, his calm attitude, great experience and stunning wit certainly aided me to pass first time, thanks Matt. Joe Thomson from Radstock 11/03/2015

Thank You to Andy of A&M
I am 43 and had put off learning to drive due to a massive fear of roundabouts. I had also always lived in a big city and relied on public transport but because we are moving to a village near Bath, it had become very important for me to learn to drive. So after reading your other reviews, I decided to take the plunge with A&M. From day one, Andy was very patient with me even though it took me a long time to overcome my fear of roundabouts. Every driving lesson was meticulous and he never let up on me - he was firm and made sure that I practiced manoeuvres, junctions and roundabouts for as many times as it took to get it right. Andy has also made me into the sort of driver that respects other users of the road as well as traffic regulations. Not only that, but every lesson was enjoyable and we had a good laugh most of the time - which helped to relax me. I honestly never thought that I would have the confidence to learn to drive and to have passed on the second attempt really amazed me!! I still can't believe it! I can't wait to get my own car and get out there now. That's not something I would have said four months ago when I first stepped into Andy's car as a terrified learner! Thanks again Andy, I would recommend you 100% and will see you soon for the Pass Plus. Julia Edwards from Clifton, Bristol 17/02/2015

Thanks to Dale
Dale is an excellent driving instructor. I've heard about driving instructors who make the learner feel uncomfortable however, Dale is the complete opposite and despite the fact that I had little confidence with myself and was very anxious, he was patient from the very start and made me comfortable by believing in me even if I didn't believe in myself. Without him I would'nt have passed first time. Courtney Mallinson from Henbury, Bristol 26/01/2015

Relaxed driving lessons
Learning to drive with A&M was an incredible experience from start to finish. Every driving lesson was meticulously designed and tailored to my needs and aimed to continuously boost my "on the road" confidence in a calm, positive and professional manner. The hourly rates are very reasonable priced to other driving schools and above all I passed first time!!! Great driving instructor and company, highly recommend using them. Will from Knowle, Bristol 25/01/2015

Cheers Simon
So Happy right now, just passed my test all thanks to Simon at A&M. Phone him up and get some driving lessons off him he is quality!!!!! Henry Rosolek from Whitchurch, Bristol 15/01/2015

Intensive Driving Course
I had a 25 hour intensive driving course with Matt and passed first time! He was very patient, made sure we covered everything and had plenty of time to practice things until I was confident. Would definitely recommend the driving school to anyone wanting to learn! Rebecca Candler from Totterdown, Bristol 29/12/2014

Loved My Driving Lessons
I was taught by Matt. He was a great teacher and he never rushed me when learning new things. I had fun on my driving lessons as well as being taught well which helped me pass my driving test first time. I would highly recommend A&M. Paige Hatcher from St Anne's, Bristol 01/12/2014

Fun Driving Lessons
Dale Thank you so much, you have been such a support and helped me a lot whilst learning to drive. Also had fun driving with you. Thank you. The best driving instructor :0) Sara Saruska from Henbury, Bristol 27/11/2014

My Driving Lessons!!
I looked forward to ever single one of my driving lessons. Living in the City Centre of Bristol I thought would be a problem with learning to drive but my driving instructor managed to make me feel relaxed from that very first lesson. He had a very precise way of teaching and never shouted at me, even though I was really rubbish to start with. But as my driving lessons progressed so did my learning. Before I knew it I was driving around the areas of Southmead that I would be taking my driving test. My driving instructor was brilliant, he was patient organised and actually quite funny. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thanks again. Ryan Price from Bristol, City Centre 25/11/2014

Brilliant Driving Instructor
After learning how to drive with Dale my first attempt to pass my test was a fail but we did not give up and tried once more and finally passed with only 2 driving faults. Dale is funny and amazing at his job. Thank you so much again . I recommend Dale to everyone. FANTASTIC DRIVING INSTRUCTOR !!!!! Sara Wroblewska from Henleaze Bristol 12/11/2014

Thanks To Richard
110% would recommend A&M. I've tried to learn twice before but Richard got me to test level and helped me pass first time! Amazing value and great instruction! Thanks again RICHARD and A&M!!! Clare Marlow from Kingswood, Bristol 02/11/2014

Great Driving Lessons!!
Thank you very much to Matt for helping me pass my driving test. A brilliant driving instructor, very patient and just a top bloke from day one. Thanks again mate!! Kyle Box from Keynsham, Bristol 28/10/2014

Thank You Richard
I have just passed my driving test today thanks to Richard. Richard was an amazing driving instructor, patient, friendly and explained everything clearly. Most of all I felt at ease and enjoyed learning to drive. I can't thank you enough for getting me through my test. I've tried to learn to drive 3 times before and I've never taken to it but Richard really helped me through and ensured I passed first time. Something I never thought would have happened. A massive thank you to Richard and A&M!! Clare Dunlow from Bedminster, Bristol 23/10/2014

My driving instructor was Andy. I was very nervous about taking my test but I was able to pass with confidence and only getting 1 minor! He was very patient and taught all aspects of driving very well from using different learning material such as; reference points, diagrams etc. The use of mock tests really helped to understand my weaknesses so we could work on them. Andy has really good knowledge about the test routes and what the examiners are looking for to prepare me for my test. I would recommend A&M driving school and Andy for anyone who wants to start their driving lessons. Thank you so much. Chelsea Andow from Hartcliffe, Bristol 03/10/2014

1st Class Driving School
Andy is an excellent driving instructor who always gives 110%, He taught my partner first who passed with 100%. He then taught me who was a very nervous learner! Andy helped me over come all this to be a good driver I passed with only 3 minors, he is always prepared with visual aids and reference points etc, his knowledge of the routes is excellent. The practice mock tests set you up ready for the real one! He even lent me a CD to help calm me before the test (this really did help) My son who is now 17 is revising for his theory test and then I know there is only one place in Bristol to come A&M driving school! Thank you so much. Kelly-Ann Bartmann from Knowle, Bristol 04/08/2014

Great Driving Instructor
I was taught by Andy Stone. He is a brilliant driving instructor. I passed first time with only 3 minors. Andy is a very patient, calm, and encouraging man. We did a few mock test to practice for the test, to see what my weaknesses were to work on. He gave me a cd to help with my nerves, that really helped me!. Andy even went the extra mile by recording me on my phone, doing all the test routes to go over at home. Andy is a lovely man and I would definitely recommend A&M driving school and Andy. I finally have my independence thanks to him! Claire Taylor from Clifton, Bristol 26/8/2014.

A-Class Driving lessons
My driving instructor Andy Stone was very professional! I wish I had choose him at the very beginning! I passed with only 3 minors!
During the lessons he is always highly concentrated. He prepared great learning materials, such as roundabouts, junctions, reference points etc. His teaching is easy to understand I feel he trained me to have a good driving habit. He has a wider knowledge of the local areas and the test routes.
Andy gave me a few Mock tests, they were very helpful for me to understand the test, and he helped me to work on my weakness. Thanks very much for all you hard works, Andy! Dannii from St Pauls, Bristol 22/08/2014

Great Driving Lessons
Andy was an excellent driving instructor, he was really patient, explained things thoroughly and turned it into a manageable, step by step process. I passed first time and he helped me to grow in confidence until I felt well prepared and ready for the test. I'd highly recommend him. Max Boon from Bedminster, Bristol 19/08/2014

Top Notch Driving Lessons, Fun & To The Point
I have definitely enjoyed my Driving lessons with Simon. Relaxed atmosphere, neat and tidy car, good and transparent instructions and well structured lessons. Add reasonable price to get a perfect recipe for a driving school First choice in Bristol Many thanks guys. K Enrin from Totterdown, Bristol 20/05/2014

Great Driving Instructor
I was taught by andy, amazing driving instructor taught me to drive with confidence I even stopped for a whole had 2 lessons before my test and thanks to him and his experience and attitude I passed couldnt be more grateful for his commitment I recomend A&M School of Motoring 100%. Jayson Janes St Annes, Bristol 03/05/2014

Brilliant Driving School
I had a great experience learning to drive with Andy. He was very patient and thorough, always keeping the bar high so that I was extremely well prepared for my driving test. I passed the first time with only 2 minors, thanks to Andy's help. Couldn't recommend him highly enough! Jackie Forster from Ashton, Bristol 22/04/2014

Great Driving School
Andy was a great instructor. He used a combination of visual aids and patience to teach me. I passed first time and felt more than prepared for my test. I felt Andy was truly invested in my success and worked hard to give me the highest level tuition. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends. Matthew Jones from Hartcliffe, Bristol 14/04/2014

Passed 1st Time
I highly recommend Matt at A&M. While being an experienced instructor (10 years), he is clearly still very enthusiastic about teaching and helping his students both pass their tests and be good drivers. As an older learner, I found Matt's approach really great - never patronising, always cheerful, calm, encouraging and just the right level of challenging to help me learn and develop. He was very accommodating with my need to balance lessons (including an intensive week) with work and childcare. I enjoyed the whole process. Oh, and I passed my test first time! Alex Allen from Knowle, Bristol 04/04/2104

Really enjoyed the experience
I really enjoyed learning with Matt from A&M. The experience was comfortable and pleasant. I didn't feel rushed or under pressure whilst learning to drive. I did an intensive driving course which lead me to pass first time. I would highly recommend them.:). Sorcha McDonnell from Kingswood, Bristol 10/03/2014

Thanks to A&M
Really enjoyed my time learning to drive with A&M school of motoring in particular Matt. Very thorough and professional and achieved my goal of passing before my wedding. Would highly recommend to anyone. Adam Gravney from Redland, Bristol 09/03/2014

1st Time Driving in Bristol
First time driving in Bristol after not getting on with another instructor. Geoff was very easy to get on with and every lesson helped relax me for my test as every aspect was covered with such great detail. I will now feel comfortable driving in any city! Remi Greene from Cotham, Bristol 25/02/2014

Passed With Matt 1st Time
Excellent driving instructor would recommend to anyone. Is very patient and calm which helped make driving more relaxing. Enjoyed every lesson I had with him in, thank you. Josh Selby from Ashton Gate, Bristol 29/01/2014

Great Driving School
Many thanks to A&M as I passed my driving test first time. Really friendly and easy going driving instructors a really good experience many thanks guys. Keith Smith from Withywood, Bristol18/01/2014

Top Marks
I had a few driving lessons in July, before I failed my third test. After summer, I thought I need a good instructor to help me pass the next one. I am so glad I found Andy from A&M. Andy is a good driving instructor, very patient, calm and dedicated. He know all about the test, the routes, what the examiner wanted, and the most important, he teached me how to drive safely, all the skills were covered thoroughly. Andy took notes after every lesson, so he always know where were we. I booked my test in 2 months time since I learn from Andy, although Andy thought I didn't have enough mock test ( I only got 1, usually he would do more before driving test), he gave me all the support he could. He even borrowed me a CD called 'test angel' to help me relax and reduce nervousness on the test. I passed my test with confidence. Thanks a lot Andy. I would recommend A&M and Andy to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive. Fay from Cotham, Bristol 15/01/2014

Thank you Matt and A&M
For the patience, calmness and laughs that made all my lessons so enjoyable and rewarding. Being - ahem a mature learner you always ensured that I never ever felt silly about any mistakes I made no matter how regularly. I can honestly say that each driving lesson was a hoot and it suited the way I learn completely. The best teachers ensure you learn and have fun! Patrick Callagham from Horfield, Bristol 06/01/2014

A Big Thank You
Want to say a huge thank you to Rich for helping me to pass my driving test today, for being so patient and reassuring when I got a bit nervous in my driving lessons! Absolutely brilliant,would recommend A&M any day! _Rosalie Smith from Staple Hill, Bristol 05/01/2014

Cheers Simon
I had a lovely driving instructor his name was Simon, he was very patient and helped me sort out my nerves, he was good at keeping calm if I was not and he was also very funny as I found out when I made him squeal once or twice round a corner taken to fast, I had a very good experience and would recommend the driving school and simon to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive, thank u for your time and patience simon and have a lovely xmas :-). Zoe Munsey from Clifton, Bristol 23/12/2013

Had a laugh
Had a brilliant time learning to drive with A&M. Loved every lesson, I learned a lot and also had a laugh and a joke at the same time. This also helped with my nerves. I was only driving for 5 months and then I went in for my test and passed first time. I thought it would take me years but my driving instructor, Matt got me through it so I could get on the road. Thank you so much Matt and the team :) Steph Walker from Brislington, Bristol 04/01/2014

Top Man, Dale!
Passed with Dale! Amazing Driving instructor and very patient. Passed on my first attempt with only 1 minor driving fault! My christmas has just come early! :D Thank you VERY much. Andrew baker from Henbury, Bristol 15/12/2013

Helped me pass 1st time
A&M School of Motoring got me through my driving test on the first go and with only 4 minors! Matt has endless patience (and also a sense of humor)! K Mcquillan from Long Ashton, Bristol 08/12/2013

If Carlsberg Did Driving Schools...
After spending quite some time with a lousy driving instructor at a different driving school I was ready to chuck it all in and give up! My husband put me in touch with A+M and I am so thankful he did! Matt (my driving instructor) was so supportive and incredibly patient with me, which is something I hadn't experienced before! My confidence and nerves have always been an issue when I get behind the wheel but Matts approach to these sorts of issues helped me realise that by remaining calm and taking my time everything else would just fall into place!! I highly recommend A+M driving school because they clearly produce the BEST drivers ; ) Put it this way, I've been learning on and off for 11 years.... I was learning with Matt for 4 months and passed my test last Thursday Chloe Bean from Timsbury, Bath 21/11/2013

The Best Driving School in the Area Easily
Matt from A&M is a brilliant driving instructor. Simple as. Having come from another driving instructor, who was really crap, this was just brilliant. Not only did I very quickly feel safe and controlled in my driving, I also started to really enjoy it, which I didn't think was possible after my previous experience. He got me through my driving test first time with only 2 minors - not only is he a brilliant driving instructor, he's also a really cool guy to boot! If you need Driving Lessons in Bristol, Radstock or any of the surrounding areas, then go for A&M, they're fantastic. Jake Cooper from Totterdown, Bristol 20/11/2013

Passed 1st time
My driving instructor Simon was great, always felt relaxed when I was learning which is a big help when you've got a lot to concentrate on, I had failed a few tests a few years back with a different driving instructor at a different driving school and I gave up, I thought I would never pass, then with A&M I passed first time, cannot fault them at all, would definitely recommend. Cameron B from Southville, Bristol 30/10/2013

Driving Lessons in Bristol
Passed my driving test today, Massive thank you to my driving instructor, Duncan as it wouldn't be possible without him! Would definitely recommend A&M to anybody! Lauren Taylor from Filton, Bristol 24/10/2013

The Best Driving Instructor in Bristol
Having not driven in five years since my initial lessons elsewhere, I was a bit apprehensive about getting back behind the wheel. However! I found Simon's methods of teaching to be intuitive, relaxed and fun; yet focused and engaging. Keeping my confidence high, and having the utmost patience for my awful parallel parking (amongst other things) all wrapped in the friendliest package. I can undoubtably say I couldn't have dreamed of a better driving instructor. A&M for life! Rory Mark Lailvaux from Southmead, Bristol 24/10/2013

1st Class Driving Lessons
Five years ago I undertook driving lessons with a different driving school in Bristol. Whilst I learned a lot of the basic driving skills I gave up in the end as felt that my confidence didn't improve. I decided to give it one more go. Thankfully I found A&M's Website. I actually finally enjoyed my driving lessons and am pleased to say passed my test first time. Immediately Simon put me at ease and managed to build my confidence. Simon is friendly, patient and informative. Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend A&M. They are a fantastic independent company offering an excellent service at a very reasonable price. For me I always felt that my interests where the main priority not how many lessons they sold me. Thank you again so much! Ciara Zanza from Longwell Green, Bristol 21/10/2013

Older Learner Driver
I'm 27 and have recently passed my driving test on my first attempt thanks to Andy. I had previously had multiple driving lessons with another driving school in Bristol and had chosen to go with a lady driving instructor. I wish I had gone straight with A&M as I felt like a lot of time and effort went in to my training. The cost of the driving lessons were reasonable. Each driving lesson was tailored to me and thanks to Andy making notes, it meant we never went over something more than was needed. Andy let me build my confidence over time and never made me feel bad (which I have experienced from other driving schools). We went over several routes and had multiple mock tests which helped me so much when it came to my test. Andy even went the extra mile by lending me a CD to help with my nerves prior to the test. As an 'older' pupil I was more than happy with my experience and I will always recommend A&M to anyone who is looking for a driving school in Bristol. Beth Robins from Bishopsworth, Bristol 18/10/2013

Cheap friendly driving school
Andy Stone is a brilliant driving instructor! Always patient and has a great knowledge of the test routes around Bristol. He made sure that I was confident and up to test standard in all aspects of driving and never doubted my ability. Thanks to Andy I passed first time and I would definitely recommend him! Carly from Kingswood, Bristol 17/10/2013

Great Driving Instructor
When I started learning to drive I knew nothing about a car, 8 months later I passed first time with Matt as my Driving Instructor. Would recommend this driving school and Matt. He got my confidence up and believed in me to pass my test when I didn't think I would. Grace Gibbs from Brislington, Bristol 01/10/2013

Passed 1st time
That's what exactly I was looking for. Flexible hours, quick finish. It took me only 2 months (25 hours) to pass the exam! Lukasz from Cribbs Causeway, Bristol 05/09/2013

Great Driving School
Andy Stone was an amazing driving instructor, friendly, patient and has a really in-depth knowledge of the routes around Bristol. He must have been doing something right because I passed first time with only two minors! I'd like to say thanks to Andy for that - a job well done. Billy Bolton from Headley Park, Bristol 25/08/2013

Great Driving Instructor
Andy was a fantastic driving instructor!! He was super patient and went over things until he was sure I understood them, especially the manoeuvers!! Andy has an excellent knowledge of the test routes and great tips for getting you up to test standard. He also helped build my confidence which enabled me to pass first time and I would highly recommend him! :) Pri Patel from Horfield, Bristol 21/08/2013

Brilliant Driving Instructor
Andy is a great driving instructor. Very patient and good at explaining things. Gave me great tips and reference points for the manoeuvres and made sure knew all the test routes. Built up my confidence and didn't flap when I did. Would definitely recommend him. Katarina from Saltford, Bristol 17/08/2013

Andy is a star
Andy at A&M taught me quickly and efficiently how to drive in the short space of a month. He ensured I had sufficient driving lessons so that I knew all my test routes as well as all the manoeuvres. I would like to thank Andy for all his hard work in enabling me to pass first time. What a great driving school in Bristol!! George De-Long from Keynsham, Bristol 10/08/2013

Great Driving School
Great driving school in Bristol and a great driving instructor. My driving instructor Matt was friendly and very helpful when my confidence was low Matt was there to raise it. George Jenkins from Bedminster, Bristol 07/08/2013

Passed 2nd time with Matt! - Excellent local driving school, my instructor Matt was friendly and well-informed. Would recommend to anyone!! The driving lessons were cheap too Joe Iles from Ashton, Bristol 04/07/2013

Thanks Dale - Just passed my driving test first time with only 5 minors thanks to Dale. I started out with no confidence after giving it a go 2 years ago but Dale helped me build my confidence and gave me great feedback meaning I was able to build up the confidence to pass straight away! I really enjoyed my driving classes, thanks so much!!! Jess Hayne from Henbury, Bristol 28/06/2103

A&M - Andy Stone was a fantastic driving instructor who helped me pass my test on my first attempt. He was patient, knowledgeable and supportive, always doing his best to keep me calm and build my confidence. Andy did an excellent job preparing me for all types of testing situations, and it's very evident that he genuinely cares about his students and helping them pass. I highly recommend him to others Gina Mack from Henleaze, Bristol 25/06/2013

Geoff, Best driving instructor ever - I would like to thank A&M School of Motoring, especially Geoff for helping me to pass my test. He is cool, calm and a polite guy. I enjoyed all my driving lessons and learned a lot from him. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to pass fast in Bristol Robert Njoroge from Downend, Bristol 24/06/2013

A&M - A really good Bristol based driving school - I had Simon as my driving instructor - and I was able to take the driving lessons at my pace and fit them around other commitments easily. The driving lessons were well priced and I would recommend this driving school to others. Matthew from Warmley, Bristol 30/05/2013

A&M - Refresher Course - Fantastic teaching by Andy, very patient and relaxed. I had not driven for about 8-9 years and contacted A&M for some refresher driving lessons. I had a number of driving essons with Andy going back over the whole driving course and I now feel much more confident thanks to his attitude. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of getting back in the driving seat. Leanne from Withywood, Bristol 28/05/2013

Andy, Great Driving Instructor - Andy Stone* - Andy was a fantastic driving instructor. No matter how bad my driving may have been, he always stayed calm and encouraging. He taught me everything thoroughly and was quick to pick up and correct my mistakes and bad habits. It was evident that his dedication to his students is of the highest level and it was his hard work and support that helped me pass my test first time. Thanks again Andy. Kevin from Hartcliffe, Bristol 22/05/2013

Geoff, the best teacher ever! - I come from Brazil to Bristol, with lot of bad habits and Geoff helped me a lot to change it and guess what, i passed on first attempt! Really good. Geoff always arrive on time, is really patience and teach really well, i recommend him to everybody!! Jeff Cechinel from Downend, Bristol 23/04/2013

Passed first time with Andy - I previously had a different driving instructor (with a different driving school in Bristol) and failed my test several times and gave up for a while. With Andy, I passed first time with only 3 minor faults. Andy is a very patient and knowledgeable driving instructor, a genuinely nice guy and was great at helping me to overcome my nerves. I would thoroughly recommend Andy to any nervous learner! Oliver Lord from Bishopsworth, Bristol 23/04/2013

Passed First Time - A big thank you to Andy! a great and patient teacher with good knowledge of the test routes in Bristol, he helped me pass my test first time with only 5 minors. If u want a good driving instructor i would recommend Andy at A&M driving school. Michael Kerby from Longwell Green, Bristol 28/03/2013

Top Quality Andy was a brilliant driving instructor - he was always on time, knew the local roads of Bristol very well and was able to remember mistakes I had made from weeks before! He drilled things into me till they were habit and taught me to be a rounded driver. I passed first time thanks to his hard work. I would highly recommend A&M School of Motoring and Andy as an instructor!
Oliver Penfold from Hartcliffe, Bristol 25/03/2013

A&M School of Motoring I had Simon as my driving instructor, and the driving lessons went very well! Simon was very calm, relaxing and comforting, helping me gradually build up my confidence. We worked on different aspects of my driving over 15 driving lessons, after which I passed my test! I would definitely recommend them.
Lee Smith from Southville, Bristol 25/01/2013

A&M were A++++ A BIG THANKS TO ANDY!!! who was professional & friendly from start to finish and helped me pass first time. GREAT driving instructor with great driving Lessons that were well planned with mock tests picking up on my weak points which helped me pass on the day with 2 minors. Would highly recomend A&M School of Motoring to everyone A++++
Steve Bell from Clifton, Bristol 22/01/2013

Bristols best Driving School I have been learning with A&M for few months now and my driving instructor was Andy. I have just passed first time and I have to say I could not have done it without Andy and his expert tuition. He has been patient, flexible, determined and never stopped believing or stopped telling me I could do it. If you want an instructor who genuinely wants to see you pass - and pass first time, then go to A&M School of Motoring.
Frances Dowling from Whitchurch, Bristol 13/12/2012

A&M Would recommend to anyone, very thankful for my driving instructor Geoff helping me pass first time and for giving me the confidence to do so.
Jade George from Downend, Bristol 03/11/2012

Thanks Again Matt was my driving instructor and he was really nice and helped me pass my test would defo recommend! The best in Bristol!
Lydia Withers from Highridge, Bristol 02/11/2012

Passed First Time I would like to say a massive thank you to Matt. I was ripped of by my first driving instructor and failed having 10 majors or more, but with matts help I passed 1st time. He is an exceptional driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive in Bristol. Thanks again Matt I will appreciate your time and hard work for the rest of my driving days.
Lucia Harrison from Redland, Bristol 09/10/2012

Big Thanks To Andy! Found him to be a friendly and switched on teacher. Driving Lessons were well tailored with mock tests picking up on my weaker points took in a variety of different testing routes around Bristol so I knew the areas well on the day. First time pass in the end, no minors. Top notch! :)
Chris Howcroft from St George, Bristol 10/09/2012

Highly Recommended After completing an intensive driving course I passed my test first time with Matt as my driving instructor (only two minor faults). Matt was excellent, very calm and easy going, giving clear instruction with useful reference points for completing manoeuvres. My learning to drive experience has been very positive. If you are going to learn to drive in Bristol, learn with Matt!
Lisa from Southville, Bristol 24/08/2012

Quality Driving Lessons in Bristol Andy is a great driving instructor and a genuinely nice guy. Always able and willing to accommodate my work schedule, and great at building confidence and ability. I honestly couldn't fault the experience, thanks Andy.
Curtis from Warmley, Bristol 22/08/2012

Great Driving School in Bristol Having started learning to drive before but giving up partly due to a lack of confidence, I have to say Rich did an amazing job of turning me around - I can't believe that I've now passed both my theory and practical tests (first time!), knowing how I felt when I first started. A completely faultless experience, thanks so much!
Michael from Staple Hill, Bristol 17/08/2012

Thanks A&M Matt was my driving instructor and he helped me to stay calm and safe whilst driving. Having failed several tests Matt helped me to focus on the specific areas that I needed to work on to make sure I would pass next time. Thank you Matt!
Dougie Allward from Totterdown, Bristol 27/06/2012

Fantastic driving school Fantastic Driving Instructor and very reasonably priced. Matt is a brilliant teacher helping me pass my practical test after failing it five times. I never would have done it if it was not for him. Thanks Matt!!
Gareth Buckley Kingsdown, Bristol 22/05/2012

Thank you A&M I failed my driving test twice when I was 18 with another driving school. At the age of 31 I finally had the courage to start learning to drive again. John at A&M was very patient, focused on my good driving habits and helped me resolve and recover from the mistakes I was making. I started learning to drive again 6 weeks ago and after 19 hours of lessons I passed in Brislington, Bristol 1st time. Excellent
James Harper from Whitchurch, Bristol 17/05/2012